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Last week I put the spotlight on winners from the 2021 Best of Salem County competition. This week, I wanted to highlight a few more winners, introduce you to some of this year's new and returning members, and explain a bit about why I care so much about the community around me. Voting link is included at the bottom of the bios.

Let's take a look at some of the chamber members eligible for best of salem county 2022

New Member

Retail - Consignment Shops, Antiques, Handmade Artisan Items, Furniture

The Find Marketplace

1207 U.S. HWY 40, Pilesgrove, NJ

(856) 823-5017 |

Scott and Nicole Fransko became owners of The Find Marketplace in October of 2021. They’ve been making great changes including adding high quality Amish furniture from Memory Lane, delicious specialty foods, and still maintain over 60 unique vendors with a little bit of everything from vintage to handmade, you name it!

Come down and see what you can FInd! Can't miss this place with their iconic Giant Rocking-chair and recently added Old Glory.

Returning MEMBER

Agriculture - Farms & Farm Product Providers

Coombs Barnyard

20 Route 77, Elmer, NJ

(609) 364-2520 |

Sisters Jennifer & Amanda Coombs began Coombs Barnyard in 2008 with the goal of sharing an authentic agricultural experience with the community around them.

Coombs Barnyard has a TON to offer the local community, from farm camp, to agricultural education, and even their amazing corn maze, they're a great contender for Best Farm & Farm Product Providers!

Jim Coombs Farms is the location of Coombs Barnyard

New Member

Food & Restaurants - Deli & Grocery Staples

Agriculture - Farms & Farm Product Providers

Triple C Angus

110 Old Salem Rd, Pilesgrove, NJ

(856) 437-0515 |

Four generations of the Coles family have called this little corner of New Jersey their home. In 1988 Triple C Angus was established as a commercial cow-calf operation and has grown to the full service angus beef and berkshire pork provider we Salem County residents have come to love!

Visit their farm and store to pick up some quality meats, farm fresh eggs, and local provisions! For the best deal, inquire about their beef and pork shares!

Nestled down a short driveway just past the original Triple C Angus farm, this little shop has been open for a little over a year now. May I suggest their pork scrapple and their chorizo sausages!


Educational Institution - Schools of Dance

Studio 5 Performing Arts Center

2 South Main St. Woodstown, NJ

(856) 275-3643 |

Situated on the corner of West Avenue and Main Street, Studio 5 Performing Arts Center is the newest dance studio to open in our area and is situated directly across from the soon to open Farmers & Bankers Brewing Co.

Dance classes are available for those 2.5 years and older, and all of the accessories you could ever need are just two doors down.

This building has been home to many businesses, but Studio 5 is the perfect resident for this gorgeous location.


Retail - Clothing Sales, Boots & Shoes, Retail Storefront

Stage DOor Dance Boutique

6 West Ave. Woodstown, NJ

(856) 275-3643 |

Located two doors down from its affiliated dance studio, Stage Door Dance Boutique was the vision of the owners to bring a source for dance accessories and shoes to the greater Salem County area, as most parents had been ordering online or buying from across the bridge in Delaware.

Tons of unique accessories and everything you could need for the art of dance!

2021 Winner

Healthcare & Services: Best Health Supplements & Nutrition

Sunshine Nutrition

8 West Avenue, Woodstown, NJ

(856) 823-5243 |

Sunshine is exactly what you can find when you walk in the doors of Sunshine Nutrition, located in downtown Woodstown right next door to Stage Door Dance Boutique! Try one of their lifted teas or meal replacement shakes!

Proudly posing with her 2021 Winner emblem from last year in between customers.


Arts & Entertainment - Photographer

Natalie Serwan Photography

125 E. Dickinson Street, Woodstown, NJ

(856) 624-3700 |

Established in 2018, Natalie Serwan Photography has been serving the greater South Jersey area with family, infant, wedding, and event photography services. Along with my recently opened home-studio, I offer in-home, on location, and destination photography. This is my first year of eligibility for the Best of Salem County competition and I would be honored to have your vote. It would mean the world to my growing small business!

Me with the Rolleiflex TLR camera I inherited from my late uncle David B. Jackson, Jr. Photo Credit W. Cusick

A message from the heart of Natalie Serwan Photography


I grew up a little bit all over the place, but for the last 11 years, nearly 1/3 of my life, I have called The Garden State my home. More importantly, over 35 years ago, the previous generation of Mr. and Mrs. Serwan moved to Woodstown, New Jersey by way of Upstate New York and planted the seedling that has laid down its roots right here in the heart of our great Salem County. It has turned into two modest houses, across the street from one another, where my son can toddle over, holding our hand, to visit his grandparents and his rival for popularity, Uncle Steve. 

My son Christopher dressed as his namesake, with Uncle Steve dressed as Tigger for my halloween mini sessions at Barney Loves Books last year.

The entire Serwan family down the shore in Ocean City, NJ last summer.

This is us. This is our small-town story. My husband living across the street from the home his parents bought before he was born, raising our son in this amazing neighborhood where we live next-door to the local independent bookstore owners, caddy-corner from the younger brother of one of my husband’s best friends from high school, and we’re in the home my husband has fond memories of playing youthful games in, in the very room I have turned into my home-office, where I sit, writing this today.


Quaint doesn’t even begin to describe this town, this county, and the greater South Jersey area. You can imagine why I would want to further embed the roots that my husband’s family started in this area decades ago.

Woodstown High School Homecoming game 2021, just a few steps away from my front door.

Snowy day in the center of Woodstown, where Farmers & Bankers brewing company continues rehabilitating the First National Bank building that I have hoped someone would rehab for years.

One year ago, I joined the Salem County Chamber of Commerce just after the Best of Salem County 2021 winners had been announced, in an attempt to get to know the needs of the area, and to help me build my small business. I had tried a global networking initiative in previous years that I spent hundreds of dollars on and got zero return. 


Within weeks of joining the chamber, I had already met with many members of our community and began developing business relationships that had a significant impact on my growth. My aforementioned next-door neighbors, Tom and Paula Barney, proprietors of Barney Loves Books here in Woodstown, are also members of the chamber. Some of you may know where I’m going with this, but in November and December 2021 Barney Loves Books was the venue for my first venture with independently run Santa photos. What an enormous success it was, and just to add to our “This Is Us” story, Santa Nate is none other than my own father who I convinced to grow out his beard so we could create some story-book memories for over TWO HUNDRED families.

I’m driven to not just build my business, but to help lift the businesses that surround my own and the greater community itself. We have a gem here in this great state: a fabulous, tight-knit community, the most preserved farmland in the state of New Jersey, and small businesses like the ones above, who make Salem County great.

This is my first year of eligibility, so please don't forget to vote for Natalie Serwan Photography for Best Photographer in Salem County when the ballot goes live on March 1st, 2022 at You don't have to vote for every category, but you must enter your name and email address at the end of the survey for your vote to be counted.


The Salem County Chamber of Commerce has in no way sponsored this post. I like supporting my fellow chamber members by providing my clients with up-to-date information on who I would recommend! Seriously, though, please patronize the establishments and services of the members of the Salem County Chamber of Commerce, and encourage others to do so. We're all in this together.

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