Voting for the Best of Salem County 2022 ends soon

With so many options and categories to choose from, I wanted to cover as many as I could given my busy season kicking up! Even with having hired an office manager I still work 60+ hours in a week on my business in order to best serve my clients and the community around me. With that being said, I am wrapping up this series with a heartfelt thank you to anyone who has taken the time or will after this post to vote for me in this. I know it may be a small local contest, but as a newer small business, the support everyone has shown has meant the world to me. Thank you everyone!

Now my final spotlight of chamber members eligible for best of salem county 2022

I wanted to highlight some chamber members right here in my backyard of Woodstown, New Jersey. Salem County may be best known for all of the farmland and Cowtown Rodeo, but these great businesses make the community a great place to shop and live.

Recreation Destination, Golf Courses, Recreational Sales & Service, Retail Store Front

Town & Country Golf Links

197 East Ave, Woodstown, NJ

(856) 769-8333 |

Situated just at the edge of the Woodstown/Pilesgrove border, the Town & Country Golf Links is a public golf course, restaurant, and event venue!

woodstown pilesgrove new jersey restaurant and golf building and driveway town and country links

Right up the street from the NSPhoto studios, this venue and golf course is a gem in Salem County!

Frozen Dessert, Eat-in/Take-Out Restaurant, Best Lunch, Best Place for Dinner, French Fries, Cheesesteaks

Cream Valley Custard

195 East Ave, Woodstown, NJ

(856) 769-0600 |

Eligible for SIX categories, Cream Valley Custard is a Woodstown FAVORITE! My husband and our Family routinely walk down to the stand several times and have made it a family tradition to go on opening day! They'll be open for the 2022 season starting March 30th! I can't wait to get a creamsicle shake or my personal favorite, a malt chocolate flurry with EXTRA cookie dough pieces!

Cream valley custard building just prior to opening in 2022 in woodstown pilesgrove

Just steps away from the previously mentioned Town & Country Golf Links, my personal favorite custard stand!


Crouch & Company

14 N. Main Street, Woodstown, NJ

(856) 769-1040 |

Founded in 1974 by Kevin Crouch's father, Crouch & Company has been serving the Salem County and surrounding areas for almost FOUR decades!

My in-laws have trusted this long-standing Woodstown business with their taxes and accounting needs for longer than I have known them.

They may be in a small town, but they're able to handle a wide range of tax & accounting needs for the greater community.

Exterior door of Crouch and Company Tax Consultants and Accountants

I just missed my opportunity to get a photo of their stunning annual mums display!

Recreational Sales & Service, Boots & Shoes, Retail Store Front

Sneakers & Spokes

26 N. Main St. Woodstown, NJ

(856) 624-4933 |

I absolutely love this shop, from the "Sorry We're Shreddin'" closed sign to the gears & even handle bars on the door. I remember when this store opened I was so happy to have a service like this in our community, the bicycle shop in my old home town is just too far away for me these days! Now is the perfect time to get your bike serviced for the Spring season and pick up some quality sneakers

Take some time to study the details that have gone into customizing this shop to clearly show what they "handle"

A message from the heart of Natalie Serwan Photography


I grew up a little bit all over the place, but for the last 11 years, nearly 1/3 of my life, I have called The Garden State my home. More importantly, over 35 years ago, the previous generation of Mr. and Mrs. Serwan moved to Woodstown, New Jersey by way of Upstate New York and planted the seedling that has laid down its roots right here in the heart of our great Salem County. It has turned into two modest houses, across the street from one another, where my son can toddle over, holding our hand, to visit his grandparents and his rival for popularity, Uncle Steve. 

My son Christopher dressed as his namesake, with Uncle Steve dressed as Tigger for my halloween mini sessions at Barney Loves Books last year.

The entire Serwan family down the shore in Ocean City, NJ last summer.

This is us. This is our small-town story. My husband living across the street from the home his parents bought before he was born, raising our son in this amazing neighborhood where we live next-door to the local independent bookstore owners, caddy-corner from the younger brother of one of my husband’s best friends from high school, and we’re in the home my husband has fond memories of playing youthful games in, in the very room I have turned into my home-office, where I sit, writing this today.


Quaint doesn’t even begin to describe this town, this county, and the greater South Jersey area. You can imagine why I would want to further embed the roots that my husband’s family started in this area decades ago.

Woodstown High School Homecoming game 2021, just a few steps away from my front door.

Snowy day in the center of Woodstown, where Farmers & Bankers brewing company continues rehabilitating the First National Bank building that I have hoped someone would rehab for years.

One year ago, I joined the Salem County Chamber of Commerce just after the Best of Salem County 2021 winners had been announced, in an attempt to get to know the needs of the area, and to help me build my small business. I had tried a global networking initiative in previous years that I spent hundreds of dollars on and got zero return. 


Within weeks of joining the chamber, I had already met with many members of our community and began developing business relationships that had a significant impact on my growth. My aforementioned next-door neighbors, Tom and Paula Barney, proprietors of Barney Loves Books here in Woodstown, are also members of the chamber. Some of you may know where I’m going with this, but in November and December 2021 Barney Loves Books was the venue for my first venture with independently run Santa photos. What an enormous success it was, and just to add to our “This Is Us” story, Santa Nate is none other than my own father who I convinced to grow out his beard so we could create some story-book memories for over TWO HUNDRED families.

I’m driven to not just build my business, but to help lift the businesses that surround my own and the greater community itself. We have a gem here in this great state: a fabulous, tight-knit community, the most preserved farmland in the state of New Jersey, and small businesses like the ones above, who make Salem County great.

This is my first year of eligibility, so please don't forget to vote for Natalie Serwan Photography for Best Photographer in Salem County (question 17!) before voting closes on March 31st, 2022 at You don't have to vote for every category, but you must enter your name and email address at the end of the survey for your vote to be counted.


The Salem County Chamber of Commerce has in no way sponsored this post. I like supporting my fellow chamber members by providing my clients with up-to-date information on who I would recommend! Seriously, though, please patronize the establishments and services of the members of the Salem County Chamber of Commerce, and encourage others to do so. We're all in this together.

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