Picture this...

You’re getting ready to take the kids down to the park - your local photographer is hosting photo sessions there and you haven’t had any updated photos of the kids since your second came along. You picked out the best outfits for them, combed their hair, made sure they didn’t get crumbs or juice on their clothes. You prepared them by practicing their “nice smiles” in the mirror. It's “go” time. You wanted to get in one or two of the photos, but by the time you got them ready, all you had time to do was throw your hair in a bun. Maybe next time.

You arrive at your scheduled time, the kids wind up surprising you with how comfortable they are in front of the camera, and all of a sudden your photographer asks if you’d like to get a couple of pictures with the kids? What is your first thought? If it's “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly, I didn’t put on any nice clothes or do anything to get ready…” Get in the picture. Just trust me.

His shirt was originally blue. He said "I'm not dressed for pictures". This is my favorite photo from this session!

I understand there are many reasons why you might not want to be in the photos. While I strive to get you the perfect, gallery-wall quality pictures of your family, I also strive to capture real moments, genuine smiles, genuine interactions that sometimes make the best photos of the bunch! 

When you schedule a session with me, whether you originally intended to get in the pictures or not, I always recommend you get in a couple of them. If I’m hosting mini sessions, or you’ve booked an hour long photo session with me, I’ll always suggest this. There is always time. Get in the picture.

Mom was masked, daughter wasn't having anything to do with Santa... But this candid still melted my heart.

Get in the picture. You might be surprised with the results. Your kids will have not only the fun memory of the photo session, they’ll have a memento to look back on of themselves with their parent(s). Come dressed to impress or dressed as you are, but I’ll always tell you to get in a few with them no matter what you think you may look like! Don’t let the random cell-phone candids your family snaps be the only pictures with you in them!


"I've learned as I love having the pictures of him for the memories, he will want the same some day and if I never join him in them, how is he going to have them?" - Facebook parent

I’ll ask you again, for a moment, to picture this: it's 20 years from now, your youngest is graduating college and moving out on their own… they ask you if you have any pictures they can take with them to their new place, and they find the one of you and them, from that mini session down at the park oh so many years ago, and they say that is the one they want the most. 

Dad isn't a picture guy, but I'm sure these boys will love looking back on this picture in the future and mom gets to enjoy a nice family photo!

Get in the picture. Just trust me.