Supporting Small Businesses

I have spent most of the holiday season wrapped up in taking Santa photos at the local independent bookstore (Barney Loves Books) that I've neglected most of my holiday shopping. Eager to finalize my shopping list, I headed downtown to see what I could find last minute.

Barney Loves Books

22 S. Main Street, Woodstown, NJ 08098

(856) 624-4723

Who doesn't love a local, independently owned book store? This charming place opened up shortly after Tom & Paula Barney moved to Woodstown to be closer to family. You can find just about anything here, with prices that will make you question whether the owner is just giving books away!

Barney Loves Books

Tom Barney

Tom worked for years in radio, first as a disk jockey, and then managing radio stations for I Heart Radio. In his retirement, he entertains the locals with his shelves upon shelves of great deals on books, small events, and lately he's lent his store to me for our Santa photos! Make sure you stop by and pick up a gift certificate for that avid reader in your life.

Gift Certificates

The other day a friend reached out to me and told me she had recommended me to someone who was looking to gift a family photo session to their boss. With this little bit of unexpected cash flow, I wanted to turn around and support the local businesses along Woodstown's Main Street. Bonus: I get to give the gift of an experience to some of my friends and family! Everywhere I stopped today I spent at least $10 to purchase a gift certificate to give away.

Taylor's Florist

24 S. Main Street, Woodstown, NJ 08098

(856) 769-0050

If you've been around Woodstown (or even Salem County) long enough you've probably either received, given, or seen a floral arrangement from Taylor's Florist. When I eloped with my husband in 2018 my parents called Taylor's for a last-minute bouquet of white roses that were delivered within hours! I still have those roses, dried and saved in the glass vase they came in, as a memory of one of my favorite days.

Taylor's Florist

The team

Not only was I able to get a gift certificate, I also found quite a variety of other gifts, which, I'd list here but the gifts are for family, and I don't want to spoil the surprise! As you can see from the background, though, Taylor's is certainly not just flowers, but also candles, wax melts, gifts for all occasions and right now they still have some great gifts left for Christmas! Can't find what you're looking for, get a $10 gift certificate and the recipient will be sure to find something unique to their style!

The sign outside of Taylor's Florist says it all: shop local!

Two Old Crows

6 S. Main Street, Woodstown, NJ 08098

(856) 759-4383

A recent addition to our town in 2021 is Two Old Crows! They moved here from Salem because they needed more space and it seems like they might need to think about an expansion in town! Their store has so many delightful primitives for all occasions. My mother-in-law bought me a table from there the weekend they opened as a Mother's Day present for my first Mother's Day! I walked out with another $10 gift certificate and a gift for my Mother-in-Law. Great purchases!

Two Old Crows

They've got an etsy, too

Can't make it down to Woodstown? They've got an Etsy, too!

I got a little hungry while shopping...

Woodstown Bakery & Coffee Shop

17 N. Main Street, Woodstown, NJ 08098

(856) 823-5275

Going across to the other side of Main Street, across Route 40, exists a stack of my two favorite places to visit downtown. Dye of your Dreams (more later) and Woodstown Bakery & Coffee Shop. If you're looking for a cup of coffee or a tasty treat that is made with love and a dash of witty humor, this is the place.

Woodstown Bakery & Coffee Shop

Drew Ratliff

"I should probably gaze off into the distance" he says, as I fiddle with the settings on my camera. One of the biggest proponents of bringing people to Woodstown's Downtown to shop small, Drew has been running this shop since 2018 with his wife, Leah. Their daughter can be seen in the shop sometimes, and I'm sure she's a big help in taste-testing new recipes!


"A CinnaBun in the Oven"

Back in 2020 Dan and I needed a way to announce to the world that we had a 'bun in the oven'. The Woodstown Bakery's (previously pictured) world-famous cinnamon buns helped my husband and me announce our pregnancy with our son Christopher. I had to get one while I was there to power me through writing this blog post, and I'm certain its helping sweeten my mood.

Dye of your Dreams

17 N. Main Street (Suite C), Woodstown, NJ 08098

If anyone ever needed to get me a gift but didn't know where to go, they could look no further as they'd just have to get one of the beautifully done wire-wrapped gems or one of the local glass-blowers fine wares! A favorite shop of mine since it opened, Dye of Your Dreams can be found almost everywhere you'd expect to find tye-dye, from Beardfest to Camp Jam in the Pines, Fall Festivals, and all kinds of vendor shows.

Dye of Your Dreams

Unique, hand-made gifts

I dropped in to pick up something for my son to give to me for Christmas as well as a gift for my brother as I can never quite seem to figure out what to get him for Christmas. I can never tell this girl enough how much I love her work and she always beams from ear to ear with a welcoming smile! Take a journey down the steps and see what you can find in her shop.

You help a 16 month old boy get gymnastics lessons, and money for his parents to afford daycare so his mother can follow her dreams and be a full-time, for herself and no-one else, work-at-home mother and photographer.

Woodstown Music

19 N. Main Street, Woodstown, NJ 08098

(856) 769-2600

Woodstown Music has been another one of those long-standing local businesses we've all come to love over the years. Walk in and you'll be greeted by the shop cat and a variety of quality and unique musical instruments and supplies. I always get my dad guitar strings for Christmas, as its a gift that never goes out of style, so I wanted to get them nearby!

Woodstown Music

Larry Kulp

Not only can you get just about any accessory or cable you'd need for any musical instrument you or your loved ones play, Larry provides repairs to instruments as well as lessons. Young and old, you're never too old to learn a new instrument! Pick up a gift certificate for lessons for that budding musician in your life.

The Journey Home

Content with my purchases, and eager to enjoy the cinnamon bun and (decaf) cinnamon chai latte I procured from Woodstown Bakery & Coffee Shop, I journeyed home to upload these photos, edit, write this blog, and hopefully encourage you to shop small for your last-minute Christmas gifts, and for your year-round gifts for all occasions. Jeff Bezos has enough money, let's support the community that makes places like Woodstown worth living in. I'm looking forward to doing this again in the Spring after the upcoming Farmers & Bankers Brewing opens up in the old bank building in the center of town. There are plenty of other businesses I didn't get a chance to make it into today, but I'll be getting around to them in the New Year.


Natalie Serwan