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If only it were as simple as asking our digital overlords assistants to pick out the best outfits for each member of the family! One of the best times of the year for family photos is the Fall and one of my favorite end-of-Summer / early Fall places to do family photo sessions is in fields of wildflowers and sunflowers! This year, I've noticed a lot of neutral palettes and the 70's are making a major comeback with boho vibes and strong prints rounding out the accents!


Pick a palette, and build an outfit for each member of your family around that general "tone". You'll want to stay away from mixing LOUD bright colors, like neon pink and lime green, with earth tones, etc.

Pattern in low doses, when appropriate

Not everyone has to wear the same pattern, and not everyone has to wear patterns together! A nice dash of variety, with colors from everyone's outfits, for one member of your group can help tie seemingly clashing colors together.

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